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Spinal Services

The three tiers of Spinal Wrap’s services


accent work

For those small touch-ups like de-chrome, hood or roof wraps.

Great for starting the process of transforming your vehicle.

Price Range: $1,500 — $500


color change

A classic for car enthusiasts. Change that tired and worn color by adding a new and protective layer of skin.

Perfect for getting the color & finish that you've always wanted.

Price Range: $6,000 — $2,600


Spinal Signature

An exclusive tier for custom design work. I like to call it the Spinal Signature experience.

For those looking to win contests, showcases or just to have a masterpiece in your possession—this is how you stand up and stand out.

Price Range: $15,000 — $5,000

Additional Services

About Me

Isaac Lara

I’m a wrapper and designer born and raised here in Texas. I've spent three years working as a professional wrapper. While illustrating and designing all my life. I create a unique experience for those who want top class design & wraps for their top class vehicle.

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Spinal Wraps, a specialty wrap shop providing custom color change wraps & design based out of Georgetown, Texas.

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